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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Green Eyed Girl

It's March! Spring is coming...St. Patrick's Day is around the corner....and I'm running extra miles while training for the half marathon so that means more Shamrock Shakes from McDonald's for me!
It's also time to shake up the wardrobe a bit. I've been anxious to get a few new pieces, yet it's still cold enough that I feel like I should be wearing my winter clothes one last time before I have to put them away for the season. I've been working on a different project to freshen up the pieces I already own...they'll be another post about that coming soon.
On to this weeks new addiction! One of the many things I love about Sephora is that each year they team up with Pantone to create a line of products based on the Pantone color of the year. I first discovered this last summer after ripping a whole bunch of pictures of tangerine make up out of magazines. I headed to Sephora, armed with my pictures, only to walk in and find a beautiful display filled with every tangerine product you could imagine. Basically making my picture ripping a whole waste of time. So, this week I headed over there excited to see what they had this year in the Pantone color for 2013...Emerald Green.
As usual, they were just a little too helpful at Sephora and I ended up leaving with more than I intended on purchasing. The woman who helped me and I came up with the following products to give me lots of options depending on how intensely I want to add green to my make up routine.
Here's what I got!

Left: Emerald Green Mascara. I like to think of this as my throw back product to the days when I used to wear 99 cent Wet and Wild Colored Mascara when I was about 16 years old. Oh the memories. Top: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. You've heard my rant on primers before. I think they are a joke, and I just continue to be proven wrong. Remember the Dior Eyelash Primer? Yep, amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this primer not only makes your shadow stay on longer, but it intensifies the color. Best part? You only use a teeny tiny amount. Middle: Sephora eyeshadow. There were three choices at the store, which would flatter the fairest to the darkest skin tones. Bottom: Sephora Eyeliner. I purchased one of these sticks last year in turquoise and loved it. So easy to apply.
The combinations are endless! From just a touch of green in the crease of your eyelid, to a full on green, smokey, ring around the eye, I'm excited to add this spring trend to my collection.
Here's some other green things I'm loving...
Essie Absolutely Shore Polish. I love this pale mint green. I'm picky about my green nail polish just because I think the wrong green can look so gross, for lack of a better descriptive word. I love the brightness of this color and the soft hue of the green.

I dug these fun pieces out of my closet!
Emerald green top from Ann Taylor, Clutch from Coach and Shoes from Seychelles (

I'll be adding green to my wardrobe in many different ways. Some days in a subtle way and sometimes with more of a bang! With all the options there are so many easy ways to add just a hint of green to your daily style!


  1. I was JUST thinking this am that I miss your blog...I've been in the mood for new beauty items!

  2. Oh boy, I don't know about green!! Since my wardrobe is primarily black, I think I could pull off a green eyeliner. Who knows, maybe I'll give this trend a try!!

    1. You could!! Black is the perfect backdrop for a splash of color!